These Two Hands: a memoir by Renée


These Two Hands: a memoir
By Renée














ISBN 978-0-9941378-4-5
Release: October 2017
RRP $38
Memoir, B format paperback with flaps, 260pp


Renée was born grumpy (Ngāti Kahungunu/Scot) and nothing has changed. She is an avid and faithful reader, who enjoys cooking and gardening. Everyone, she says, should grow leafy greens.

Renée always thought she would die at forty-two but for some reason this didn’t happen. She considers herself very lucky to still have most of her marbles, and credits reading, writing, walking and teaching for this. 

She has written eight novels and eighteen plays, among which Wednesday To Come is probably her most loved work.

Iris: I remember when Dad died we stayed up all night. About one
in the morning Mum made scones. Crazy the things you do.

Ted: Like singing round a coffin?

Iris: Hang around Ted – that’s just the start.

Renée lives in Ōtaki and teaches her Your Life, Your Story and her Poem a Week workshops there.

This is just one version of her life, her story, told in patches, like a quilt.