Field Notes by Mary Cresswell

9780994137951ISBN 978-0-9941379-5-1
Poetry collection
150x190mm, paperback, 68pp
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You are a cockleburr on my hiking socks
opportunist seed of the parapara.

Every day we find ourselves in many spaces – green fields, force fields, playing fields, battlefields, left field or right field – where the ground rules differ and it’s important to stay aware of the differences. Likewise, these poems follow various rules – double dactyls, sonnets, ballads, haiku dragged out of word clouds, ghazals, riffs on particular obsessions, homophonic word games, serious observations disguised as humour (and vice versa). They are written from a joy in words and in a hope that they might be useful notes to our own fields of vision.

About the author

Mary Cresswell began her career as a poet after an earlier career as technical writer and natural-history editor. She came to New Zealand from Los Angeles in 1970, spent many years doing freelance work in Wellington, and now lives on the Kāpiti Coast.