Mākaro Press is a publisher in Aotearoa New Zealand. We take our name from Mākaro Island which is in Wellington harbour just across from Eastbourne – our tūrangawaewae, the place we stand, and where we began publishing in 2013.

Mākaro and Matiu were the nieces of the great explorer Kupe, travelling with him from Hawaiki to New Zealand in the tenth century. He named the two Wellington harbour islands after them. Little is known of these women but we think of them as being – like all exceptional travellers – imaginative, curious and courageous. Perfect touchstones for publishing in the digital era.

Our focus is on publishing NZ fiction, poetry and children’s books, but we also have some non-fiction titles including memoir, biography and journalism. Our books are marketed to booksellers by Greene Phoenix Marketing until January 2018, after which Books R Us will take over, with distribution by David Bateman.

We have three imprints:
Mākaro titles are fully supported by our press in the traditional way and are spearheaded by our Mākaro Fiction titles. There are also some children’s and non-fiction titles.

HOOPLA is a poetry series fully supported by our press, releasing a set of three books every April: one by a late career poet, one by a mid-career poet, and the third by a debut poet.

Submarine is for our books published with the author contributing towards the costs. Usually this pays for the first print run, but can involve contributions to the editorial or design work depending on the project. Our Submarine books are selected for publication and designed, edited, published and marketed to the same high standards as our Mākaro titles, with Mākaro Press making the final decisions. They are a way for a small press to produce more excellent books. Submarine Poetry spearheads this group.

The name Submarine comes from the submarine boom built between Mākaro Island and Eastbourne in WWII to stop submarines entering the harbour. It also provided an excellent bridge to the island for the nimble of foot.

Our books have won and been short- and long-listed for awards, and include the multi award-winning, bestselling The Book of Hat by Harriet Rowland, The Discombobulated Life of Summer Rain by Julie Lamb, Lonesome When You Go by Saradha Koirala, Strip by Sue Wootton, Mr Clean & The Junkie by Jennifer Compton, Sylvie the Second by Kaeli Baker, The Red Suitcase by Jill Harris, and A Sense of More Than by Tony Michael Martin.

Publisher Mary McCallum and assistant publisher Paul Stewart
at the 2015 New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults at
Government House.