Cancer and all the other shit by Lauren Wepa

Cancer and all the other shit coverISBN 978-0-9941172-7-4
145x205mm, paperback, 52pp
RRP $20

Hi, I’m a cancer kid. It was February 2013 when cancer became part of my life. I was 20 years old – two months from hitting the big two- one – and it ruined everything. Cancer really is a bitch like that. When it drops by, everything stops for it.

Not only does it attack the body but it has the power to isolate people as well. Talking about cancer is tough and will test you. However talking is one of the small things that helps us feel normal – whatever that is. Just like a balloon, all it takes is a breath to begin to fill the awkward silence.

Lauren Wepa author photo

Photo by James Allen

This book is a permission slip from a cancer patient to family and friends to talk – we all know cancer’s a bitch so why not bitch about it?

Cancer’s shit, but when your friends don’t know how to talk to you, that’s shittier.

For people who know someone with cancer – their families and friends.