Mākaro Books

Mākaro is our main imprint and is spearheaded by our Mākaro fiction titles, which are published annually, with a second title published from time to time in any given year. The Mākaro titles include:

Auē by Becky Manawatu (2019)
The Sound of Breaking Glass by Kirsten Warner (2018), rights sold to Aviana, Bulgaria
Aukati, by Michalia Arathimos (2017)
A Tale of Love, by Linda Lê (2017)
A Surfeit of Sunsets, by Dulcie Castree (2016)
Strip, by Sue Wootton (2016), rights sold to Aviana, Bulgaria
Daughters of Messene, by Maggie Rainey-Smith (2015), rights sold to Kedros, Greece 
The Year of Falling, by Janis Freegard (2014)

These Two Hands : a memoir, by Renee (2017)
New World New God by Ian Harris 
Peter Godfrey: Father of New Zealand Choral Music, by Elizabeth Salmon (2015)
Greatest Hits by David Cohen

Children and YA :
Lonesome When You Go, by Saradha Koirala (2017)
Peace Warriors, by Raymond Huber (2015)