Mākaro Books

Until 2020, Mākaro Press titles were published under three imprints: Mākaro, Hoopla and Submarine. The Mākaro and Hoopla titles were published using the traditional publishing model where we as publishers met all the costs of the books. Submarine titles were published with authors contributing to the publication costs.

Makaro fiction:
Entanglement by Bryan Walpert (2021)
Victory Park by Rachel Kerr (2020)
Auē by Becky Manawatu (2019), worldwide English rights (except for NZ) sold to Scribe, Australia; translation rights sold to Au Vents des Îsles, France; Aviana, Bulgaria; New Human Publishers, Turkey; Forestera, Uruguay; Argentina. 
The Sound of Breaking Glass by Kirsten Warner (2018), published in translation by New Human Publishers, Turkey
Aukati, by Michalia Arathimos (2017)
A Tale of Love, by Linda Lê (2017)
A Surfeit of Sunsets, by Dulcie Castree (2016)
Strip, by Sue Wootton (2016), rights sold to Aviana, Bulgaria
Daughters of Messene, by Maggie Rainey-Smith (2015), published in translation by Kedros, Greece 
The Year of Falling, by Janis Freegard (2014), published in translation by Aviana, Bulgaria

Mākaro non-fiction:
These Two Hands: new edition, by Renée (2020)
These Two Hands : a memoir, by Renée (2017)
New World New God, by Ian Harris 
Peter Godfrey: Father of New Zealand Choral Music, by Elizabeth Salmon (2015)
Greatest Hits, by David Cohen

Mākaro children and young adult titles :
Lonesome When You Go, by Saradha Koirala (2017)
Peace Warriors, by Raymond Huber (2015)