Greatest Hits by David Cohen

Greatest Hits coverISBN 978-0-9941065-4-4
November 2014
RRP $35

A quarter century of journalistic encounters, cultural fulminations and notes on lost cities.

A high-school dropout from the Hutt Valley who accidentally discovered journalism, David Cohen offers an unorthodox and often provocative take on the world he encounters. His collected writing dispatched from points north and south has been published in journals as various as the GuardianNew York TimesNZ Listener and Jerusalem Report, and includes a media column in NBR and a sheaf of book and music reviews.


“A brilliant album … says something about keeping good (or rather, bad) company from early on in life. I ADORE this book.” — Julie Burchill

“The singular Mr Cohen, with his fancy prose style and arch wit, dares to make reading a pleasure. This book will raise your IQ.” — Steve Braunias

“This anthology shows off the work of a very classy, talented, passionate writer – a near-expert on a variety of subjects, well-read, well-researched and always with a way of shoe-horning in some wit around the wisdom. So very readable. That, bottom line, is all you could/should want.” — Simon Sweetman
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“His perceptions are as sharp as an assassin’s stiletto.” — David Herkt, Landfall
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