The Abyssinian Mountain Lion by David McDougall

AML cover small fileISBN 978-0-9941069-9-5
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David McDougall reintroduces the reader to that most excellent thing: the good yarn.

Meet the neighbour with a war history who can’t help interfering with goings-on over the fence, a woman on a train who’ll go to any lengths to clear her student debt, a bunch of mates on a hunting trip who fear dire consequences after shooting a fantail, and a retired husband whose wife irons his shorts for Valentine’s Day and leaves him perplexed about how to return the favour.

As for the Abyssinian mountain lion, is there even such a thing?

These are stories of humour and melancholy, love and vice. Perfect with a beer on a winter’s night, more stimulating than the five-minute quiz with a morning coffee. Read one and be hooked.

DavidAbout the author

David McDougall spent 25 years in a successful Wellington business before training as a social worker and family therapist, and working with children in the mental health field, the Outward Bound Trust and Family Court.

He’s volunteered for a range of organisations over fifty years, including the Eastbourne Dunes Protection Group which recently won a national award. David lives in Eastbourne with his wife, Judith, and has four adult children and eleven grandchildren. This is his first book.