Peace Warriors by Raymond Huber

Peace Warriors coverISBN 978-0-9941172-2-9
History book for young readers 10-14 years
B format with colour images, discussion pages and useful links to other resources, paperback, 140pp
RRP $25

A war hero who refused to fight, students who stood up to Hitler, a ship that sailed into a nuclear test zone, a whole town which practiced non-violence. Peace Warriors tells the dramatic stories of people who chose non-violent resistance in times of conflict—stories of young men and women from New Zealand and around the world.

Young readers will discover that peaceful resistance can be as effective as military force, and that people power can change history.

Will be enjoyed by readers & classes with an interest in:

  • World and NZ history
  • Non-violence
  • Civil rights
  • Politics
  • War

Teaching notes available

About the author

Raymond Huber author photo

Photo by Penelope Todd

Raymond Huber is a writer, editor and teacher. His novels Sting and Wings (Walker Books) are animal science-fiction; Raymond’s picture book, Flight of the Honey Bee, has had international acclaim; and he’s written textbooks and readers for US and NZ schools, as well as short stories and poems.