Anatomy by Jamie Trower

by Jamie Trower

ISBN 978-0-9941069-8-8
Release: 16 July 2015
Paperback, 115x190mm, 100pp poetry collection
RRP $25

once there was a boy
& he called himself bird,
& he had christmas tree lights
on the tips of his fingers
so he could find his
light through the darkness

Trower JamieJamie Trower was born in Brighton, England, and immigrated to New Zealand in 1995 with his family. An Auckland-based poet and actor, Trower finds comfort in performing both on the page and on the stage, and is studying English and Drama at the University of Auckland. Jamie has published poems in
Craccum and Poetry NZ.

Anatomy is his debut collection of poetry.


“Jamie Trower’s debut collection is fierce and untamed. It is inspirational without adjunct soppiness. It is not self-help. It is not glorification. But it may just startle its reader into fresh self-assessment.” Elizabeth Morton, Booksellers NZ Blog.
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“In owning his disability, referring to it as his religion—something he believes in and perhaps uses to guide his life—and by sharing his experience with the world in this collection, Trower’s voice is undeniably authentic.” Saradha Koirala, The Lumiere Reader.
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