A sense of more than by Tony Michael Martin

A sense of more than
by Tony Michael Martin

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ISBN 978-0-9941069-6-4
Release: May 2015
Paperback, B-format, 240pp with ink drawings
RRP: $40

Nominated for the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Award 2016.

Tony Michael Martin is a retired surgeon of the head and neck with a philosopher’s interest in the part of the body he once explored with science and scalpel.

Starting at a London railway station, he takes the reader into an investigation of the farthest reaches of our consciousness: crossing continents, stepping into the shoes of the ancients and sifting through phenomena that defy the usual scientific and medical tools. He finishes up in Aotearoa New Zealand encountering a two thousand-year-old tree called Tane Mahuta.

Martin Tony close-upWhat is humanity’s ‘sense of more than’ all about? Could it be a potent force against aggression and violence? Do we need to know? Tony’s erudite and thoughtful book takes the reader on an unforgettable journey.

Will be enjoyed by those with an interest in:

  • philosophy
  • religion & spirituality
  • travel
  • history

Tony’s personal website can be found here: tonymartin.nz